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Poster created by Mark Smith.  To check out more of Mark's work click here  

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Hi everybody!!  Welcome to Damien & Gemma's one and only Mega-tastic Official Worldwide Mega Space Gypsy website.  According to our webcounter you are visitor No.

Nice to have you along!

On this site you can learn all about huz Space Gypsies.  You can catch up with our latest adventures, meet our friends, get to know the people behind our stories and groove along to our tunes!

Download Space Gypsy's comic 'A None Too Relaxing Getaway' by Mark Smith for free from here

This website is dedicated to the memory of Trevor Thompson - a truly wonderful teacher, friend and mentor - a person whose guidance during the first few years of Space Gypsy's development was invaluable.  He gave me my first drawing board and gave me advice on how to get my idea launched.  I am forever in your debt and I miss you very much.  T.J. Askew.

Space Gypsy fully supports the work of the NSPCC.  To find out more click here

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