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Leah's Biography

Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Leah Dini (nee Rosenly)

Birthplace -

Drakester City General Hospital, Drakester, Paloma Province, Planet Zenophon.

Height -

3' 5"

Mini Biography -

Like most native Zenophonians, Leah is a black-and-white collie dog. Ever since she was a child all she wanted to do was help her mother out in the spaceport cafe. She studied catering at Drakester City College and, as a graduation present, her mother presented her with shares certificates for the spaceport cafe and coffee shop. A few years later, when her parents decided to take early retirement, Leah became manageress of both establishments.

Leah runs the cafe and coffee shop with a firm, but fair, paw. She is well respected by both employees and customers alike.

Thanks to a little bit of scheming on the behalf of Gemma and Duke, in later episodes, Leah becomes romantically involved with, and then later marries, the raccoon DJ Rekki G. Dini, who is one of the presenters on Stellar One, the galaxy's top radio station. They have a baby daughter, Leandra.