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Meet The Space Gypsy Characters - Rekki G. Dini


  Hudson Community Medical Facility, Hudson Province, Planet Zenophon


  3" 6'

Mini Biography -

Rekki G. Dini was born at the Hudson Free Commune on Zenophon into a family of free and easy music loving raccoons. He has two older sisters and one younger brother. His father is Gino G. Dini, who in his younger days was a pirate radio DJ, broadcasting shows from a freighter in orbit around Zenophon. He is now a well respected presenter on Stellar Two, one of Zenophon's top rated stellar radio stations. Rekki's mother is Genelle Dini, who also worked on the pirate stations in her youth, but is now the manager of female raccoon singing sensations, The Bobcat Bandits.

Despite his 'hippy' upbringing, when Rekki began to show an interest in following in his parents paw steps by going into radio, his father insisted that he get himself an education first.  

Rekki attended Drakester Academy, where he was befriended by Duke. After hanging around with Duke for a while, it seemed that Rekki might actually drop the idea of becoming a DJ all together and follow his friend into stellar mechanics. That was until one night when he attended a talent competition at Drakester Spaceports' famous 'Down Under Club' and witnessed the first public performance of a young up and coming feline singer called Fluff Catt. Fluff won the competition, and Rekki made a point of introducing himself to her. When he found out that she didn't currently have a recording deal, Rekki persuaded her to make the trip over to Hudson to meet up with his mother. As Rekki was in his final year at college, Genelle suggested that he should take on the responsibilities of becoming Fluff's manager - a proposition which suited him admirably.

Fluff cut the demo for her first single 'When will you be mine' in Rekki's makeshift recording studio. When he presented the recording to Stellar One, Zenophon's No.1 stellar radio station, not only did the bosses there like Fluff's song, they also admired Rekki's style, and signed him up for a trial run as a radio presenter.

The initial release of 'When will you be mine' did not exactly set the interstellar charts alight, and Fluff carried on with her daytime job of delivering shuttles. However, the airplay on Stellar One did gain her some recognition. It also gave Fluff the chance to put a 'proper' band together, and it was then that she introduced Rekki to her friends, Space Gypsy foxes Gemma and Damien Mildury. Rekki was also surprised and delighted to find out that Gemma was engaged to be be married to his old friend from his academy days, Duke, and that Duke had a sister who was not spoken for.

Rekki duly married Duke's sister Leah. He is now a foremost presenter on Stellar One as well playing lead guitar with Fluff Catt's band, The Rock Kittens.