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Meet the people behind Space Gypsy's end credits. These are the wonderful people who help huz with our storylines, draw up our artwork and encourage huz into getting the job done!


(Space Gypsy artist)

I first joined the Space Gypsy team in January 2009 when I was looking for some new projects to get involved in. In addition Terry and myself, along with several other members of the team shared interest in the same cartoons, 

so I felt it would be helpful to become part of this project and gain some experience.

I started drawing official artwork of Space Gypsy in 2011, including some concept art of Fluff's band The Rock Kittens and later on the promotional poster for Gemma and Damien's recent Christmas adventure "Pilfered Puddings & Pantomimes"! Using Terry's original pictures as references I attempted to give the cast slicker and more refined designs reminiscent of Cosgrove Hall cartoons, something that Terry and I share an interest in! Needless to say I am delighted to be taken on as lead artist on Space Gypsy and relieved that Terry enjoys my contributions!

In general I am passionate about working in art and animation; In 2007 I earned a diploma in 3D Computer Animation in Dundee College, and from 2007 til 2010 I studied Computer Arts at the University Of Abertay where I passed with second class honours. I have also animated a few cartoon shorts of my own and draw my own webcomic, 'Transmission', which I launched in early 2011. My online alter ego is a cartoon fox called Keen - his distinctive features are a blue chequered shirt and moptop like hair! Why a fox? Because my favourite animals are foxes! I can't explain why exactly, but such is the way of some things!

When I am not doing art I often try my hand at being an amateur musician! I am a multi-instrumentalist who can play the guitar, bass and keyboards and though I have played in several local rock groups in the past, I currently work on mostly electronic tracks now under the pseudonym KFox.

On a personal note, my favourite Space Gypsy characters are Spiker and Bones. I know they don't get on too well with Gemma and Damien but I found them to be really nice guys providing that you stay on the right side of the law!

Click here to purchase a copy of Mark's comic book "Transmission"


(Rock Kittens musician/songwriter)

Steve began playing the guitar at the age of seven, and has been singing since he can remember. He has an outstanding vocal range and a warm, rich tone that allows him to perform any style of music proficiently.

Over the past few years, he has performed all over the world on various major cruise lines, and in international 5 star hotels.

He has worked with the likes of Albert Lee (Dolly Parton), Alan Hawkshaw (Olivia Newton-John, Countdown, Grange Hill), Mik Kaminski (Electric Light Orchestra), Jackie Rawe (Shakatak), and often works with ITV television and BBC Radio.

Meet The Creative Team


(Space Gypsy Creative Advisor)

Gerry started out with a dream of becoming a comic strip artist which led to a career in commercial animation where he got to work on such wonderful projects as The_Raccoons television series, Lynn Johnston's (author of 'For Better or Worse') first animated special The_Bestest_Present and Babar_&_Father_Christmas.

During this boom period in Ottawa, Gerry was given the opportunity to set up Canada's 2nd professional animation training program at Algonquin_College. It was the first of its kind anywhere to incorporate computers into the curriculum.

Now with over 20 years of teaching experience under his belt, Gerry has branched away from animation and is actively involved in the video and board game development programmes.


(Space Gypsy Collaborator)

Well there's an interesting story of how I became involved with Space Gypsy.

It was early 2006 and I had reminded myself of how great a cartoon The Raccoons was. So I ended up joining a Yahoo Group dedicated to them. While I was there I met up with Terry and we began to talk to each other from time to time. One day I checked his Yahoo profile and noticed that amongst the group's he was in, one of them was a Wombles group, now I thought to myself 'Is he a fan of The Wombles because of Mike Batt's music, or was he a Wombles fan in general'? So I asked him the question and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was because he was a fan of Mike Batt's music. Well I then told him that I was a fan of Mike Batt's music, due to his work on the soundtrack to another favourite cartoon series of mine, The Dreamstone and the least popular Watership Down TV Series. So we had two interests.

Then amongst the groups Terry was on, I noticed one called Space Gypsy and he told me more about the show and offered to send me a couple of episodes to listen to. I said yes to his kind offer and quite enjoyed what I heard. It was around that same time that I offered to submit an idea for Space Gypsy and he agreed and soon after many sleepless nights later, I came up with a workable idea of an upcoming story that he liked. Soon I had also contributed further to the upcoming story as well as provide some general ideas for other stories that are in the pipeline and that's how I became involved with Space Gypsy. I quite like all of the characters on the show and don't really have a particular favourite in the show since the more I became involved with the show, the more I started to love each character more and more.

Another reason why I decided to contribute to the show is because I have autism; a mental learning condition which could effect a person's ability to communicate and how they interact with other people. I had been diagnosed with the condition at an early age and had been to quite a few good schools who helped me to handle my condition, as well as my family, in particular my Mum who helped me out a great deal over the years. I'm also an autism awareness speaker, often doing talks to educators and parents alike about the condition, how I've coped and what can be done to help. So when I need to be I can be a right chatterbox, which is odd since I am quite shy when I first meet someone for the first time, but by attending all these talks, I'm getting a lot better when it comes to meeting people I don't know, otherwise I wouldn't be a speaker.

I do hope that fans of Space Gypsy will enjoy what I've contributed. As Gemma and Damien would say 'Onward and forever on' and 'Keep it Mega'.


(Space Gypsy Collaborator – ‘The Day Trip To Tower City’)

I suppose I've always been a little shy. Though I've never been able to communicate my thoughts so well vocally, I have usually managed to get by with sympathy for the common man. I believe in communion as a resolution, as opposed to aggression. 

I have striven throughout my life to better myself as a humanist, and a gentleman, and hold the deepest respect for both nature and life.

I was born in a city just outside of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. known as Ferndale, on January 20, 1981. My father worked at General Motors trucking plants around the metro area, and during his off-time, was a freelance percussionist for hire. My family later moved to Waterford MI, a Detroit suburb, when I was four, where I have lived out the majority of my life since.

My parents were both fans of 60's rock and contemporary jazz, and I began building both an appreciation for music and a sizable record collection at an early age. I kept busy as a kid by getting involved with sports and working on creative writing projects, a few of which would win me some awards.

One adolescent weekend while exploring the house, I stumbled across an old trumpet that belonged to my father, and I later asked him if I could use it to join the grade school band. Eventually I would go on to be part of my schools Choir, Symphonic, Jazz and Marching Bands. While intensely studying music classically at school, I also became interested in forming a rock band at home.

At 13, I used the money I saved fromworking as a golf caddie to by my first electric guitar. I started collaborating with my lifelong friend and cousin Nate, and together we grew as rock soldiers. In high school I met up with some good friends and we started a heavy metal project called Scorch. Taking after my father, I settled on the drums. We stayed together for five years, through and after graduating, with dreams of living on rock music, but due to creative differences, we broke up in 2001.

A month later, America was devastated by terrorist attacks on September 11th. Our world was never to be the same. Suddenly finding ourselves zealous and unskilled, the majority of my peers returned to school for a finer education, while others joined the army.

At the local community college, I took a liking to biology and nature studies, and above all, fine art. It was at this time that I rediscovered the animated film and became enthralled by its potential. I had always been a fan of Disney films, and grew up on Saturday morning cartoons. After all, what other medium was out there that could combine story, picture and music so well? After two years of study, my portfolio earned me acceptance at a new and ambitious college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada called The Max The Mutt School of Animation. In the Fall of 2004, I moved there to begin classes.

Living in Canada was a unique experience that was as exhilarating as it was informative. While living there, I studied fine art more intensely than ever at Max The Mutt, while basking in all the culture that Canada's largest city had to offer. I made a few friends, and even joined a novelty rock band for a brief time. Perhaps the most important lesson that came home with me was learning how to balance a budget. After one year in Canada, I was officially broke. Having exhausted my savings, I returned to MI.

I am toiling away day by day on various musical projects at my recording studio in Waterford, MI, U.S.A., a.k.a The Pimpshack, where I also reside. I am rehearsing with a new band as well as making plans to release solo material currently in various stages of production.

I was a student at Max The Mutt Animation School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 2004 to 2005. Plans for me to return to college are still on the radar.

LINDA ASKEW (the nagging force behind Space Gypsy!!)


Workington, England, Earth.

Favourite Space Gypsy character


Mini biography:-

I met Linda properly for the first time around about 1989 when I was working as a DJ in a local social club, although I had kind of known her on and off since school days. We started going out together in June 1991 and we got hitched in 1995.

Linda deserves some of the credit for Space Gypsy mainly because she has to put up with me! There aren’t many wives who would put up with the hours I have to work (and subsequently get out of bed!) without causing a fuss. Linda basically leaves me to get on with it and, sometimes when I don’t feel like working on the project, she will literally nag me into it – although, I have to say, I don’t take much nagging!

She is probably the best wife a creative person could have. She won’t nag at me if I’m working on my drawings or writing the scripts when I really should be doing something more mundane like cutting the grass! She’s a diamond (and I wonder if I’ll still be saying that in ten years’ time!)